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Support That Shows Care

We are an organization composed of volunteers that can support you in every step after your ostomy surgery

Our Visitors Program

We match with our visitor by age, sex and type of surgery with a new person affected with ostomy surgery

Flexible Membership Options

Our membership is open to one and all and it is tailored to cater your needs. Feel free to choose any option

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention

As once said by G.T Smith, Donors don’t give to institutions. They invest in ideas and people in whom they believe.
The greatest thanks we could ask for is Your Donation


The OttawaOstomy Support is a volunteer-based, charitable organization dedicated to assisting and encouraging any one who has or will have intestinal or urinary tract diversions by providing peer support, education services and support to the family unit.

Ostomy Education

We provide you with all round information and education about the ostomy surgery. Our education module consists of articles, videos, research theories from various experts

Ostomy Services

What is better than having a live person answer questions for you whenever you want. That is the reason we have introduced our helpline. Give a call anytime during the day

Ostomy Community

We introduced ottawa ostomy for the people of Ottawa affected by ostomy surgery in our community. Join Ottawa Ostomy during the monthly events and make a difference

Customer Support

Awesome organization with volunteers involved in the ostomy community


We have flexible timings for you to give us a call. 9am – 9pm anytime to speak to a live person

View Our Newsletter Library

Go to our website’s news section to see various newsletter we have published over the years

Dedicated Organization for people affected by ostomy surgery

Our dedicated group of individuals are ready to answer every question you may have regarding your Ostomy surgery
This amazing organization belongs to you and you’re sure to love having our support

Regular Meetings

Members and non members are invited to bring their spouse, family members or a friend. Meetings are held on third Thursday of each month.

Membership Options

Our membership is open to all persons with ostomy, family members, medical and health professionals, ostomy equipment suppliers and any other interested persons. Membership price is affordable and tailored to your needs.

Visitors Program

Our trained registered visitors can offer non-medical assistance to people affected by ostomy surgery. To arrange for a visitor, call our helpline or contact us.

A complete education package for people affected by ostomy surgery

Learn more and discover more with the compete education guides in our education section. We give you complete knowledge of what it’s like to have the ostomy surgery done

Volunteer With Us

Volunteers are the backbone of our organization. Help us grow Ottawa Ostomy and make it Ottawa’s biggest ostomy support group. We need you. Be a part of an amazing organization!

Make The Right Choice & Choose Ottawa Ostomy

Don’t settle for any regular ostomy support group, ottawa ostomy is the best choice
& you can get our dedicated support at an affordable membership price!

Pre-membership Questions?

Have a question? Just ask! Leave us a comment with your question and we’ll answer just as soon as we can.


We welcome any and all suggestions, so leave us a comment and we will consider it for a future update.

Need Support?

If you need immediate support or want to know more about us, call our 9:00am – 9:00pm EST helpline and leave a message.

Join our newsletter.

Our newsletters are our most important source for our site visitors and readers to get involved with the ostomy community, find out what’s new with our organization, stay updated with news and get the important information and alerts for the upcoming meetings that might be of interest to you. So, feel free to sign up for the newsletters and get the information you need right in your inbox.

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