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The Ottawa Ostomy Support Group  is a volunteer, charitable organization dedicated to helping all persons, including families and caregivers, who have been affected by ostomy surgery. Our Mission is to provide practical support and encouragement to all ostomates by visiting them at home or in hospital, holding monthly meetings, publishing a monthly newsletter and operating a lending library of ostomy literature.


The Ottawa Ostomy Support Group is a volunteer, charitable organization dedicated to assisting people who have or will have intestinal or urinary tract diversions by providing peer support, education services and support to the family unit. We also promote these services to the public and medical professions.


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The Ottawa Ostomy Support Group Ottawa Ostomy Outreach Program:
The OOSG  Ottawa Ostomy Outreach Program is dedicated to assisting ostomates in countries who are unable to obtain supplies and offers support to local ostomates in emergencies.
Ostomates in undeveloped countries are often stigmatised and sometimes ostracized due to their offensive odour. Modern odour proof flanges and pouches are not available or too expensive for the majority of poorer people. These people are forced to improvise appliances from whatever may be available to them, i.e. tin cans, bags, gloves.
Requests for assistance come from ostomy associations, doctors and nurses, church groups, local associations and families of ostomates. We support these groups by shipping specific Ostomy supplies to the recipients, replenishing supplies at fixed intervals. To ensure integrity, all recipients must forward a doctors certificate or photograph illustrating their wound. By replenishing supplies at a fixed interval, we avoid any temptation from the recipient to share or sell his/her supplies. We also require notification of receipt ensuring successful delivery. Shipping product to third world countries provide a number of challenges; however, we have forged relationships with local embassies and agencies. These contacts have helped overcome almost insurmountable shipping challenges. 
Ostomy chapters, pharmacies, surgical stores, ET's, hospitals and cancer societies, donate supplies. Currently, Doug and Astrid Graham graciously donate space to sort and ship product.  All personnel involved in the outreach program are volunteers and our only financial requirements are for shipping & associated supplies.


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